Cell screening (ZS) The (R)evolution of the cell

30 seconds for a better quality of life!


Cell screening is a spectrophotometric method that measures the current state of health in just 30 seconds. 20 minerals and trace elements as well as 14 toxic metals can be reproducibly determined intracellularly (in tissue). In contrast to conventional methods, cell screening measures those substances that arrive in the cell. An intracellular measurement method in combination with physical cell therapy opens up many new possibilities and therapeutic approaches. A successful symbiosis between cell screening and papimi.

OM & Nutrition

The Health Forum for Orthomolecular Medicine.


After 16 years focusing on orthomolecular and related medicine, this specialist journal has not only expanded its market leadership, but it has also become an important reference guide. Solid and well-founded information for the daily implementation in practice by physicians for physicians are the pillars of this magazine. The additional special issues highlight current topics around the latest novelties. The publisher, Collect AG, is a broadcaster of knowledge and distributor of papimi in the German-speaking world.

Swiss Biological Medicine

Study biological medicine.

The SBMC and its founder Dr. Thomas Rau have set the goal to make their 30 years of experience in biological medicine available to as many people as possible. Dr. Rau has already successfully managed the Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle and elevated it to new standards, as well as founded many other clinics spread over almost all continents. The papimi ion induction therapy has played a substantial part in its developed "3 pillar program". We see this training as a foundation in biological medicine and the basis for the treatment of serious diseases.

Viawa - pure H2


The siblings Stefanie and Markus Pohlhausen as well as David Suter have got to the bottom of the relatively unknown but highly interesting topic of hydrogen as a therapeutic and precautionary agent. The study situation and results are impressive, the offer and the possibilities still very poor.

After 3 years of intensive research, the "pure H2" was developed, which impresses with the most mature technology, broad application possibilities and simple handling. We see pure H2 as a novelty for medical applications and are very much looking forward to the results of this method in combination with ion induction therapy.

St. Leonhards

The living water.


St. Leonhard's springs are known for bottling untreated, pure deep spring water, which comes to the surface by itself as "mature" water without pump pressure.  Each of the spring waters has its own natural information content in the form of measurable oscillation frequencies, which resonate with the body and can lead to different taste experiences depending on the individual constitution (sensory test). In this way, anyone can find the water that best supports them at that moment. This knowledge about the natural healing power of living water has been used and passed on for decades. By filling the artesian springs exclusively in glass bottles, the high quality of the water is maintained. The glass bottles also make it possible to ionize directly with papimi (without re-bottling). The combination of healthy water and physical cell therapy is obvious, as this form of therapy can be intensified with hydration.